Container Runtime packages

List of container-runtime related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/container-runtime-definitions Package
@fluidframework/container-runtime Package Data structure that looks at the op stream to track summaries as they are broadcast, acked and nacked. It provides functionality for watching specific summaries.
@fluidframework/runtime-utils Package
@fluidframework/runtime-definitions Package Task manager enables app to register and pick tasks.

Data Stores packages

List of data-stores related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/core-interfaces Package JSON serialized form of an IFluidHandle
@fluidframework/datastore-definitions Package This package defines the interfaces required to implement and/or communicate with a data store.
@fluidframework/datastore Package

Distributed Data Structures packages

List of distributed-data-structures related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/cell Package The SharedCell distributed data structure can be used to store a single serializable value.
@fluidframework/counter Package A SharedCounter is a shared object which holds a number that can be incremented or decremented.
@fluidframework/ink Package Base interface for stylus operations.
@fluidframework/map Package The map package provides interfaces and implementing classes for map-like distributed data structures.
@fluidframework/matrix Package
@fluidframework/ordered-collection Package

Interface for object that can be snapshoted

TODO: move this to be use in other place TODO: currently input and output is not symmetrical, can they become symmetrical?

@fluidframework/register-collection Package

Consensus Register Collection channel factory interface

Extends the base IChannelFactory to return a more definite type of IConsensusRegisterCollection Use for the …

@fluidframework/sequence Package
@fluidframework/shared-object-base Package Base class from which all shared objects derive
@fluidframework/synthesize Package ProviderEntry is a mapping of the type to the Provider
@fluidframework/shared-summary-block Package The factory that defines the shared summary block.

Driver packages

List of driver related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/driver-utils Package Throttling error class - used to communicate all throttling errors
@fluidframework/driver-base Package Represents a connection to a stream of delta updates
@fluidframework/driver-definitions Package
@fluidframework/file-driver Package
@fluidframework/iframe-driver Package
@fluidframework/odsp-driver Package Represents token response
@fluidframework/replay-driver Package
@fluidframework/routerlicious-driver Package Factory for creating the routerlicious document service. Use this if you want to use the routerlicious implementation.

Experimental packages

List of experimental related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/last-edited-experimental Package LastEditedTrackerDataObject creates a LastEditedTracker that keeps track of the latest edits to the document.
@fluidframework/data-object-base Package The view interfaces provide a generic way for objects to expose their rendering capabilities to consumers.

Hosts packages

List of hosts related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/base-host Package

Libraries packages

List of libraries related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/aqueduct Package The aqueduct package is a library for building Fluid objects and Fluid containers within the Fluid Framework. Its goal is to provide a thin base layer over the existing …
@fluidframework/undo-redo Package

This package provides an implementation of an in-memory undo redo stack, as well as handlers for the SharedMap, and SharedSegmentSequence distributed datastructures.

Undo …

@fluidframework/view-adapters Package

Views may be written using a variety of UI frameworks. The view adapters module provides helpful tools for composing these views, intended for use when either:

  1. The view …

@fluidframework/view-interfaces Package
@fluidframework/request-handler Package The RuntimeRequestHandlerBuilder creates a runtime request handler based on request handlers. The provided handlers sequentially applied until one is able to satisfy the …

Loader packages

List of loader related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/container-definitions Package Warning emitted when requests to storage are being throttled
@fluidframework/container-loader Package
@fluidframework/container-utils Package Generic error
@fluidframework/execution-context-loader Package Factory for creating the proxy loader inside web worker. Use this if your environment supports web worker.
@fluidframework/web-code-loader Package

Miscellaneous packages

List of miscellaneous related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/common-utils Package Event Emitter helper class the supports emitting typed events
@fluidframework/common-definitions Package
@fluidframework/dds-interceptions Package
@fluidframework/react-inputs Package
@fluidframework/react Package

SyncedDataObject is a base class for Fluid data objects with views. It extends DataObject. In addition to the root and task manager, the SyncedDataObject also provides a …

@fluidframework/telemetry-utils Package TelemetryLogger class contains various helper telemetry methods, encoding in one place schemas for various types of Fluid telemetry events. Creates sub-logger that …
@fluidframework/test-utils Package

Protocol packages

List of protocol related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/protocol-base Package Basic implementation of a tree ITreeEntry
@fluidframework/protocol-definitions Package Represents a version of the snapshot of a data store

Tools packages

List of tools related packages
Package Name Description
@fluidframework/debugger Package