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Schema for a tree node.


/** @sealed */
export type TreeNodeSchema<Name extends string = string, Kind extends NodeKind = NodeKind, TNode = unknown, TBuild = never, ImplicitlyConstructable extends boolean = boolean, Info = unknown> = TreeNodeSchemaClass<Name, Kind, TNode, TBuild, ImplicitlyConstructable, Info> | TreeNodeSchemaNonClass<Name, Kind, TNode, TBuild, ImplicitlyConstructable, Info>;

Type Parameters

Parameter Constraint Default Description
Name string string The full (including scope) name/identifier for the schema.
Kind NodeKind NodeKind Which kind of node this schema is for.
TNode unknown API for nodes that use this schema.
TBuild never Data which can be used to construct an Unhydrated node of this type.
ImplicitlyConstructable boolean boolean
Info unknown Data used when defining this schema.


Captures the schema both as runtime data and compile time type information.