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The **tinylicious-client** package provides a simple and powerful way to consume collaborative Fluid data with the Tinylicious service.


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Class Description
TinyliciousClient TinyliciousClient provides the ability to have a Fluid object backed by a Tinylicious service


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Interface Description
TinyliciousClientProps Props for initializing a TinyliciousClient
TinyliciousConnectionConfig Parameters for establishing a connection with the a Tinylicious service.
TinyliciousContainerServices TinyliciousContainerServices is returned by the TinyliciousClient alongside a FluidContainer. It holds the functionality specifically tied to the Tinylicious service, and how the data stored in the FluidContainer is persisted in the backend and consumed by users. Any functionality regarding how the data is handled within the FluidContainer itself, i.e. which data objects or DDSes to use, will not be included here but rather on the FluidContainer class itself.
TinyliciousMember Since Tinylicious provides user names for all of its members, we extend the IMember interface to include this service-specific value. It will be returned for all audience members connected to Tinylicious.

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export declare type ITinyliciousAudience = IServiceAudience<TinyliciousMember>;