Fluid Framework 0.48

Update 0.48.1: The update addresses this issue: #7570AzureClient fails when running in local mode.

Update 0.48.2: The update addresses this issue: #7596 – Add sequence number telemetry to deltamanager.

Update 0.48.3: The update addresses these issues:

  • #7647 – Remove nav param from sharelink set in resolved url.
  • #7646 – Add loadMode options in container load end telemetry.

Update 0.48.4: The update addresses this issue: #7661 – Restore forward compatibility for container rehydration.

Update 0.48.5: The update addresses this issue: #7693 – Properly log websocket errors.

The 0.48 release is focused on clarifying the primary Fluid Framework public API, which is primarily exposed through the fluid-framework library. For more information Fluid’s public API see Packages.

Breaking changes

SignalManager and Signaler classes moved

The SignalManager and Signaler classes have been moved to the @fluid-experimental/data-objects package to better reflect their experimental state. If you use these classes, you can add a dependency on the @fluid-experimental/data-objects package and import the classes from there.

Other notable changes