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@fluidframework/azure-client Package

A simple and powerful way to consume collaborative Fluid data with the Azure Fluid Relay.


Interface Description
AzureClientProps Props for initializing a new AzureClient instance
AzureConnectionConfig Parameters for establishing a connection with the Azure Fluid Relay.
AzureContainerServices Holds the functionality specifically tied to the Azure Fluid Relay, and how the data stored in the FluidContainer is persisted in the backend and consumed by users.
AzureContainerVersion Container version metadata.
AzureGetVersionsOptions Options for "Get Container Versions" API.
AzureLocalConnectionConfig Parameters for establishing a local connection with a local instance of the Azure Fluid Relay.
AzureMember Since Azure provides user names for all of its members, we extend the IMember interface to include this service-specific value. It will be returned for all audience members connected to Azure.
AzureRemoteConnectionConfig Parameters for establishing a remote connection with the Azure Fluid Relay.


Class Description
AzureClient AzureClient provides the ability to have a Fluid object backed by the Azure Fluid Relay or, when running with local tenantId, have it be backed by a local Azure Fluid Relay instance.


TypeAlias Description

The type of connection.

- "local" for local connections to a Fluid relay instance running on the localhost

- "remote" for client connections to the Azure Fluid Relay service

IAzureAudience Audience object for Azure Fluid Relay containers